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Welcome to Dellicare

A new concept of beauty inside and out.


Why Dellicare?


A study conducted in 2002 by Rutgers University revealed an astonoshing difference in mineral content between organic and convencional produce, especially in terms of minerals iron, calcium, magnesium and potasium. The Rutgers reserch found 87 percent more trace elements and minerals in organic produce versus produce that was grown commercialy grown. This makes Organic products much more healthier and beautyfying.

Considering that the skin absorbs more than 60% of the ingredients that we apply on it, we want to transmit the importance of choosing food and skin care products that are free of pesticides, herbicides, hormones, petroquimical, sintetic, artificial and questionable ingredients used in the industry harmful for our health and the environment. When choosing organic products we benefit our inner health and outer beauty, we take care of our planet for future generations and choose to live consciously.


We want to convey the importance of finding a balance in our toxic load through Organic products such as food and personal care.

We live in a world that is a toxic bubble due to globalization, pollution of cars,  factories, industries etc… We can´t be 100% Organic since water is not organic and the air we breathe is polluted, but we can choose to balance our toxic load, making a conscious choice of products that benefit our health and beauty. The balance also lies in how we use our natural resources, our intake should be in balance with the planet SUSTAINABILITY! Today man takes from the planet and consume above the rate at which it can be regenerated. The planet must be equally balanced for our survival.


Nature and our planet are our source of inspiration,  our knowledge about a lifestyle in connection with nature and being responsible for our footprint. Our motivation is the engine of our inspiration, to be an example, looking after the planet for future generations and taking care of our customers with a selection of organic products that we offer in our coffee and beauty room. “We believe in the responsible beauty”.


The brands we work in the organic sector must satisfy strict requirements to be part of our selection of products, brands we work provide:

*Commited to the environment.

*Fair trade.

*Not tested on animals.

*Exclusive Brands.

*Exceptional results.

*Sustainable farming.

*Products free of petrochemicals and toxic ingredients.

Our main services

Beauty Room

Our essential collection of beauty and care treatments have been designed to look and feel better. Each treatment was created by our founder Vanessa Delli to bring new experiences of beauty and relaxation. Pure therapy for face, body and mind with an emocional, fisical, mental and spiritual journey.

Cafe Bio

In “Deliciouse beauty” we have a proposal for healthy organic food that feeds us inside and is reflected in our beauty. The connection between food and beauty is incredibly powerful, our proposal is to provide strategically beautifying food to provide light to the face, tone the dkin and brighten the eyes.

Beauty Boutique
The skin absorbs more than 60% of the ingredients that we apply on, so for us it is extremely important to offer our clients a selection of the best BIO products of the world, with the highest quality levels, free from toxic ingredients, that deliver exceptional results without compromising health.
Online Shop
In our online shop you will find all the products we work to supplement the care at home.
Our space is perfect for all kinds of events, tastings, exhibitions, meetings, parties and more.

We organize our events with choice of: catering, DJ, cocktail menu, beauty parties, photographer. Our event schedule is until 2:30 a.m..



Our Team

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Vanessa Delli

Founder, director & lead therapist

Born in Colombia with German nationality,  certified by Derby University of London in international spa management and with a degree in HABIA level 3 (beauty authority industry of London). An masters on facial treatments. Has been spa manager for Bodyna Spas at the Ritz Carlton Hotel and Hospes Hotel in Madrid. She is lead trainer for Spain in brand concept, products, facial and body treatments for beauty centers and Spas, for the UK brand The Organic Pharmacy.


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