Beauty treatments with probiotics


The probiotics provide a natural and free of artificial compounds for the skin to breathe, remain hydrated and protected from environmental agents that weaken its immune barrier. All our treatments are made with high-end organic cosmetic products From Esse Probiotic Skincare.

Eliminates harmful microbes. Activate beneficial ones. Your skin will do its best for itself.

tratamiento facial acne

THIS DC BALANCED & FREE (Acne, blackheads)

65,00€ - 50min 85,00€ - 80min

Deep cleansing treatment (if desired include extractions). Cleanses, clears complexions and minimizes the appearance of comedones, balancing skin pH through the supply of probiotics and prebiotics to repopulate and stimulate the growth of skin microflora to optimize the function of the skin barrier.

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This treatment restores the skin's ecosystem by increasing probiotic microbial populations, to cope with new stimuli without reactive skin and thus prevent skin immune system activation. It works with galvanic current and sensitive galvanic.

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Complete anti aging treatment that improves the appearance of fine lines and firmness of the skin. Galvanic current is worked with galvanic anti-age hyaluronic acid gel, omega mask loaded with essential fatty acids 3.6 and 9 and probiotic serum to help create the ideal microbioma and thus help slow the aging process.

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