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Our first “Solo Studio” is an eco-conscious and responsible space, housed in the emblematic neighborhood of Las Salesas in Madrid.

A space where we have been faithful to our philosophy since 2014 of helping to preserve the natural environment through our unprecedented three-dimensional concept that combines an Organic Beauty Café + our vibrational and healing beauty treatments with organic products + a store where you can acquire the most cutting-edge and recommended organic products for skin care. The best place to take care of yourself inside and out.

Discover our exclusive concept of “Holistic, Vibrational and Healing Beauty”


Enjoy an exclusive menu of signature treatments created with the intelligence and sensitivity of our founder and beauty shaman Vanessa Delli. Always, under the triad that characterizes DelliCare treatments: Holistic (body, mind, emotion and spirit) + vibrational (with precious stones and Tibetan bowls) and healing (we help heal the skin, and heal the planet).


We work with the renowned South African firm ESSE SKINCARE, Organic, vegan, carbon neutral, fair trade, internationally awarded and world leader in cosmetics with probiotics and prebiotics for skin care. Research formulations on the human microbiome.

We are the solution to your skin problem

At DelliCare we specialize in facial aesthetic treatments to address skin problems such as adult and juvenile acne, sensitive skin, eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, or joyful treatments with which to pamper the skin in general.


All our treatments are available as a gift card, either a digital version or a physical card. Give a sublime experience of pampering, skin care and relaxing moments.

¿Por qué creemos en los tratamientos con productos orgánicos?

After our experience of more than 15 years in the world of aesthetics, we have been able to verify the results. Skin problems are improved by making the switch to organic cosmetics free of questionable ingredients that are harmful to health and the environment. Our deep cleansing facial treatment (with our own technique of extractions without damaging the skin), is without a doubt our star facial treatment, created and carried out by our founder Vanessa Delli.


In our center you will find a selection of the best organic cosmetic firms in the world. We have been pioneers in Spain since 2016 offering facial treatments for skin problems with probiotics. We work with the renowned South African firm “Esse skincare”, internationally awarded and world leader in cosmetics with probiotics and prebiotics for the care of the skin microbiome.

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