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vanessa delli

Vanessa Delli born in Cali – Colombia of German nationality, raised in Miami – USA. Study Spa management (spa management), professional aesthetics level 3 HABIA – Beauty Industry Authority of the United Kingdom and a master’s degree in facial aesthetics in special skin conditions. Vanessa belongs to the masters and healers and as a transformational teacher she brings us her innate gifts in the beauty treatments and therapies offered at DelliCare. Vanessa belongs to the consciousness volunteers dedicating her life in part to humanitarian work through cell regeneration therapies, cell expression by Rene Mey and ZEN touches (awareness of our energy field our chakras) by Suzanne Powell. Through the beauty industry Vanessa finds a way to reach people and thus be able to help them both physically, emotionally and spiritually. Her great passion for nature since she was little makes her a faithful defender of mother earth, that is why the whole concept of DelliCare is ecological, through her business she sees an opportunity to share with her followers the importance of caring for planet earth. . In her 15 years of experience in the spa and beauty industry, Vanessa has worked for firms such as Massumeh Cosmetics, was a spa manager for the Bodyna Spas at the Ritz Carlton and Hospes Madrid hotels, and is an official trainer for Spain for the London firm The Organic Pharmacy . She created the concept of the “Soho Beauty Room” for the Mi Calle business in NY. Parallel to this she founded her own brand “DelliCare”. She is currently the creative director and project development manager of the new urban wellness Six Harmonies Spa, a new concept in the heart of Madrid, located near Puerta de Alcalá.


“DelliCare Bio” is a new concept of beauty, a three-dimensional organic space that combines beauty treatments with high-end organic products, an online store with premium organic firms for personal care and our organic beauty cafe with a healthy eating proposal , the best place to take care of yourself inside and out.

With our “BIO Beauty Inside & Out” concept, we offer beauty inside and out. At DelliCare we understand that beauty has two paths, beauty inside is: food, exercise, meditation, your relationship with yourself, with others and with the universe. Beauty on the outside is through treatments and personal care products. What we eat beautifies us from the inside out and cosmetics from the outside in, we create a synergy between our services, products and treatments, creating beautifying formulas.


Our mission

Our Mission is to take care of our clients, with Love and conscientiously, inside and out with exclusive, effective and safe Organic products for health and the environment, and to inspire people to a life conscientiously through:

* Food: with organic products, free of pesticides, herbicides and hormones.

* Responsible personal care products.

* Responsible use of our natural resources.

* Take care of each other with transparency.

Our vision

To be the leading company in the Spa / wellness sector in Spain, chosen for the excellence in our services and the exclusivity of our organic products. Recognized for our human quality, professionalism of our team and our contribution to the Eco system.


Our values


Look after
to love





Why Dellicare?



First three-in-one concept that unites, facial and body treatments with organic and natural products, organic products store and cafeteria with healthy eating. Organic products contain 30% more vitamins and minerals than conventional ones. Taking into account that the skin absorbs more than 50% of the ingredients that we apply on it, we want to convey the importance of choosing organic products free of questionable ingredients used industrially, harmful to health and the environment.


Nature and our planet are our source of inspiration, transmitting our knowledge about a lifestyle in connection with nature and being responsible for the footprint we leave. Our motivation is the engine of our inspiration, it is to be an example, to take care of the planet for future generations and to take care of our customers with a selection of organic products that we offer. “We believe in beauty by being responsible.”


We want to convey the importance of finding a balance in our toxic load, through the use of organic cosmetics and for food. You cannot be 100% Organic since the water is not organic and the air we breathe is polluted, but we can choose to balance our toxic load by making a conscious choice of products that benefit our health and beauty. The balance also resides in how we make use of our natural resources, our consumption must be in balance with the SUSTAINABILITY of the planet! Today the human being takes from the planet and consumes above the rate at which it can regenerate.


The organic brands we work with meet strict requirements to be part of our selection, the brands we work with offer: * Science and technology. *Fair Trade. * Not tested on animals. * Exclusive high-end signatures. * Exceptional results. * Products free of petrochemical ingredients and toxic ingredients.

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