The dry skin brushing comes from the Ayurveda philosophy. It is one of the daily cleansing rituals that appear in Ayurveda as a pillar to help keep the body free of toxins.

To brush the skin dry, which would be the same as a dry scrub, you can use a brush with natural bristles, better if they are made of eco bamboo bristles as they are soft and feel pleasant on the skin.

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The benefits of brushing facial skin / facial skin brushing

To perform a dry exfoliation we must always use a facial brush with natural bristles that are very soft with the skin of the face. In no case is it recommended for sensitive, extremely dry skin or with pustular acne. The benefits of dry brushing are many: it stimulates the lymphatic system helping to eliminate toxins, activates circulation, clears clogged pores, improves the appearance of the skin, performs a light exfoliant helping to eliminate dead cells, allowing the skin to “breathe ”And favors a better absorption of the products that are applied afterwards.

The benefits of brushing the skin of the body / body brushing

Dry brushing of the body helps to keep the skin soft and smooth, activates circulation, helps stimulate the lymphatic system by eliminating toxins from the lymph. For the fight against orange peel, perseverance and discipline will be super important to brush the conflictive areas every day, and it also helps against fluid retention. To achieve the aforementioned result, it must always be accompanied by a healthy lifestyle, a good diet and, fundamentally, exercising regularly. In summary the benefits are:

Improves circulation
Improves oxygenation
Improves firmness
Reduces swelling
Remove dead skin
Nourishes and hydrates the skin
Minimizes the appearance of cellulite
Rejuvenates the skin
Helps with bloating and digestion

How often do you have to perform a facial brushing?

It really will depend on the type of skin, for the face twice a week it will be fine.

How often do you have to brush your body?

For the body if it is advisable to do it every day.

When to do the perfect body brushing?

Brushing is always done with clean, dry skin and without any product. Although it has been said for a lifetime or in the vast majority that the dry body scrub is done before you shower, I have my own theory and I always recommend doing it after you shower. Why? If you think about it when you brush before the shower, you are passing the brush over dirty skin, with residues of products that you have applied, sweat, dust, contamination etc … I think that the accumulation of all this on the skin does not allow perform a correct dry exfoliation of the skin. Unlike this, if you do the dry exfoliation after showering where you will have already removed cream residue, you will have removed a large amount of dead cells and the skin will be clean. So brush your body after showering with dry skin.

How should the movements be made with the brush? During how much time?

On the face it is advisable to make lymphatic drainage movements, in this way you exfoliate and stimulate the drainage of toxins from the lymph. You start by making lines from the center outwards, starting with the chin making the movement in line up to the ears, and thus work your way up, making lines until you reach the forehead. Repeat each line three times. Finally, you can make small circular movements this time from the forehead to the chin to promote circulation.

In the body we are going to make lines up starting from the extremities first the legs from the feet to the knees, from there to the thighs, we will go on to make the arms and then make the torso. Do each line three times and finally if you want to make it more complete finish with a few circular movements in conflictive areas.

The time will depend on how much time you want to dedicate to the dry brushing / exfoliation ritual, if you have time to do it quietly or on the contrary you are going against the clock. Normally in 5 min you can do the whole body, which is not the truth for a long time for something that will favor not only the health of your skin but also that of the whole organism and circulation. If you don’t have much time, at least do the trouble spots!

What product should you apply next?

The product that is applied will be according to the type of skin and the need. In general, you can apply a moisturizer or a mask on the face, depending on the skin’s needs.

On the body: for thighs, buttocks, abdomen and waist, I would recommend an anti-cellulite, reducing, draining or firming product since they are more problem areas. For the rest of the body a product that is moisturizing and regenerating.

What would be the best time of day to do it?

In the recommended day-to-day after shower, this can cause controversy having always heard that it is done before the shower. But as I explained previously, you are going to get better results. Although if you already have it incorporated as I habitually do it before the shower, it is still fine, the important thing is that you do it.

Super tip! Ideal if you have the time to do it before exercising, in this way what you mobilize and drain with brushing, you remove it through sweat. Before jumping into the sportswear you do a little body brushing upward circular movements in conflictive areas that you want to improve and apply a Bio anti-cellulite product, fat burner and voila.

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