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  [dt_sc_one_half]A face with healthy, glowing skin with elasticity and shiny eyes reflect the know to care us inside and out, the perfect union that creates authentic beauty. Our facials are a true work of art, no treatment is equal to another (no skin is like another).

The inspiration of our treatments comes from the connection with our customers, to understand the needs of each skin, taking into account the weather and other factors. Our treatments are a “true beauty moment” where the client is wrapped on a journey through the five senses.

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Our Biouty Room offers an extreme level of Beauty and Relaxation

Come and live an Dellicare experience

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TheOrganicPharmacyThe Organic Pharmacy has been Awarded for seven year in a row as the best Eco-Organic UK brand. Really effective organic luxury products, to keep skin always at its best, healthy and radiant. Benchmark for skin care thoroughly. With “Soil Association” certificate with more than 95% ingredients from organic agriculture. Do not contain any toxic ingredients, not tested on animals and are free of artificial colors, fragrances or petrochemicals.

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filosofiaPrimavera offers certified natural products for skin care, with aromatherapy philosophy, connecting you with the purest joy of living. Since its inception, more than twenty years ago, Primavera has developed a deep collective consciousness of traditional therapy with plants and has forged partnerships with fair trade communities worldwide, with organic farmers.

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