Body Massages

DC Massage

69,00€ - 50min

This massage is customized and is done according to the needs of each person, working contractures areas, muscle stress or tension. The massage includes a mix of various massage techniques that bring total relaxation to body and soul.

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Swedish Massage

74,00€ - 50min

This massage is the most requested worldwide, due to its combination of relieving massage and relaxing massage. Friction movements to warm the muscle, and slow deep to relax, accompanied by pressures to ease tensions localized maneuvers leave the body released.

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Deep Tissue

79,00€ - 50min

A powerful message that combines strong pressure points and long and deep movements using hands, elbows and forearms, this massage relieves muscle tension and relieves fatigue.

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Hot Stone Massage

90,00€ - 80min

Our hot stone massage is one of our most successful massage. Etna volcanic stones - Sicily help relieve any tension and pain, balance the chakras, while the massage therapist brings more relaxation to release any tension. The stones warm the muscles and stimulate circulation, also help relieve body aches, insomnia, stress, anxiety, even help relieve arthritis pain.

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Future Mom

84,00€/80min - 65,00€/50min

Our pregnancy massage combines organic lavender and chamomile, jojoba mixture, rosehips, is specifically created to address the future mom with love and delicacy. Please note that the mother must have spent their first trimester.

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