Body Reducers

Body Cellulite Detox

59,00€ - 50min

Intensive draining massage, reducing, anti-cellulite thighs, buttocks, abdomen and waist with anti-cellulite oil detox, body double brushing is done at the beginning and end dry up the oil to further enhance the effects.

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Reduce the contour, removes localized fat, improves circulation for a slimmer silhouette. Focused on thighs, buttocks, abdomen and waist. Intensive massage with thermogenic green chili oil-based  and coffee to help dissolve fat cells. Final application of resculpting gel that gives tone and firmness for a soft, smooth and firm skin.

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Full body resculpting

95,00€ - 90min

Following the success of our body resculpting treatment. We extend this treatment to the whole body to be able to guarantee that we work all the problem areas including the back and arms where it also accumulates fat.

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