Our beauty and relaxaing rituals combine different massage and / or facial techniques, which seek to elevate the soul and calm the mind, you will not only come out radiant on the outside but also on the inside.

Exfoliation and body hydration. An intensive body scrub is performed following the Moroccan hamman ritual with savon noir beldi with extra virgin olive oil with eucalyptus, cedar and cinnamon that help detoxify inside and out. The scrub is done with kasa gloves (select crepe) to eliminate dead cells, renew the skin and restore all its softness and luminosity, followed by an intense hydration with bio oil according to skin type, you will feel the skin like that of a baby.


Dellicare Organic Ritual Detox from head to toe, includes: Our body scrub “city escape” following the ritual of the Moroccan hammam + hydration with lymphatic drainage + facial glow. Renew, detoxify and hydrate the skin of the whole body.

Ideal to start any detox program or simply to feel like new.


Relaxing Retreat Ritual is exclusive to DelliCare. Disconnect from the frenetic urban rhythm with our Relax & Reset body massage + facial – holistic and healing to reconnect with your being, renew, hydrate and rejuvenate the skin.

Allow the mind to clear, the body to relax, and the emotions to fade.


We perform a full-body treatment with a hammam-style exfoliation (40 min) to renew all the skin and leave it soft and satiny. Followed by a hydrating and relaxing massage (50 min) with hot stones that helps release tension and increases our “prana” vital energy. After an exclusive personalized facial treatment (50min) to satisfy any need of the skin, whether it is to renew, detoxify, eliminate impurities, treat expression lines, hydrate, provide luminosity or all at the same time.


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