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serum facial con probioticos

Primer serum con un billon de probioticos vivos


Since launching its Probiotic Serum, the world’s first serum containing more than one billion live probiotics per milliliter, the South African brand Esse, has established itself as a leader in skin care products with probiotics in the world.
The World Health Organization defines a probiotic as a living microbe that is beneficial to humans. Probiotic extracts have been used extensively in skin care, but the “holy grail” of incorporating live probiotics has been elusive. This is because conventional products use preservatives …. and preservatives kill microbes. Esse has used novel production techniques, vacuum glass containers and a preservative-free formula to launch the world’s first living serum with live probiotics, and is a worldwide revolution. Probiotic microbes are encapsulated, floating in an oily base; when they come into contact with the water of the surface of the skin they revive and begin to divide.

Porcentaje dna probioticos

The effectiveness of topical probiotics has been a hot topic in science, with more than 5000 literary references in the “Skin Microbioma” in recent years. Tests performed in Germany have shown that the new Esse probiotic serum has the ability to increase skin firmness by about 16% in 28 days, with 100% of the 20 individuals taking the test, showing an improvement. This opens a new avenue in anti-aging research.

Brand founder Trevor Steyn emphasizes the impact of probiotics: “Techniques with genetic sequences have allowed us to see the skin through new lenses,” he says; “It is now clear that the skin is an ecosystem … an intricate interaction between human cells and microbes. Trying to optimize skin health without considering microbes is archaic. We consider the microbiome of the skin in each product we formulate. ”

serum facila

With the cost of genetic sequencing rapidly dropping, the company anticipates a time when the microbiome of the skin could be fully characterized. You can then formulate custom probiotics to maximize anti-aging results.

It focuses on the spa sector and professional cabin treatments and throughout its 15 years of existence has earned the reputation of being one of the most ethical brands in the market. For those who don´t know Esse, it is certified organic by Ecocert and accredited as Vegan. “If the skin is an ecosystem, then better not to contaminate it,” says the founder.

This brand will be one to follow, when the probiotic issue expands in the world of healthy skin care.

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