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* NEW Anti-aging and anti-blemish facial treatment before, during and after summer.
Probiotic & CBD Glow is a holistic, vibrational and healing manual treatment for all skin types, including sensitive and reactive skin, effective and without a single side effect, so it can represent an alternative to chemical exfoliants and abrasive peels .
This anti-aging facial treatment that improves skin blemishes caused by aging, solar radiation, melasmas or acne. This innovative manual protocol unique-in-Spain (and in the world) combines exclusive massage techniques made in DelliCare with the activity of probiotics and CBD oil, two powerful active ingredients that strengthen the microbiome and fight oxidative stress.


One of our 5 * treatments. Are you looking for a solution to acne, combination or blemished skin? Our deep cleansing facial is the answer and without comparison the BEST! It is endorsed by our clients, reviews on Google. We carry out extractions of blackheads and comedones (if you have miliums we also have a technique to eliminate them). Our skin detox: decongests, improves pore size, restores balance and feels soft, smooth and free of impurities. We use organic products from the best firms in the world.


One of our 5 * treatment. Full facial where a skin detox is performed through extractions to remove impurities, comedones, blackheads and milliums. Followed by an anti-aging treatment where, to slow down the passage of time, galvanic current is worked with hyaluronic acid gel and amino acids that stimulate collagen and elastin, treat expression lines and provide high levels of hydration to deep layers for plump, firmed skin. rejuvenated and radiant.


Dellicare TIMELESS

This complete treatment improves hydration, the appearance of fine lines and the firmness of the skin. We made this treatment with the South African firm “Esse Skincare”: Organic, Vegan, leader in probiotics for skin care. Galvanic current appliances are used together with anti-aging gel to feed the skin to deep layers with hyaluronic acid and amino acids that stimulate collagen and elastin. Omega mask loaded with essential fatty acids 3, 6 and 9 provide good fat to our cells and plump up the skin. To finish firming massage with Probiotic Serum unique serum with 1 billion live probiotics per milliliter, it helps to repopulate the skin’s microbiome and thus help to slow down the aging process.


Face gym workout works bio lifting microcurrents through electrostimulation to work by firming and tightening the facial muscles.

This treatment should be done two a week until the desired results are achieved. Then maintenance sessions are carried out 1 every 15 days.


Created exclusively for DelliCare by our founder Vanessa Delli, who also performs the treatment. “Jade Jewell Beauty” the best facial experience! This anti-aging treatment with our seal of “holistic vibrational and healing beauty” with semi-precious jade stones, infrared led light therapy, Japanese shiatsu technique, and facial reflexology, in combination with premium organic anti-aging products, is a multidimensional experience for the skin. Renew, illuminate, hydrate and rejuvenate the skin.

RESERVAR 60MIN / 80€ 60

This treatment is carried out by our beauty expert Vanessa Delli (with a master’s degree in facial aesthetics in special skin conditions). Facial treatment for sensitive, reactive skin, with eczema, psoriasis and / or dermatitis. It works with the signature of “Esse skincare” that takes care of the skin’s microbiome by providing probiotics and prebiotics that reinforce the skin’s immune system, restores the pH, helping the skin to find its calm and balance.


Complete treatment of the eye contour area to show off a clear, rejuvenated and radiant look. Lymphatic drainage is performed with jade rollers to decongest and reduce inflammation, we apply phototherapy to activate circulation and help stimulate collagen and elastin, we continue with deep-layer hydration with hyaluronic acid and amino acids worked with galvanic current to improve the appearance of fine lines and help to firm contour and upper eyelid. We finish with an occlusive eye mask to show off an illuminated and reaffirmed look.


With our Urban Style treatments time is no excuse, incredible treatments even if you have little time, choose between:

  • Organic express power facial treatment.
  • Liberating massage for the back, shoulders, neck and head.
  • Draining and relaxing foot and leg massage.
  • Back scrub.