Anti-ageing Treatments

Esse Probiotic Skincare

Firma líder en el uso de probioticos en sus formulaciones

Complete anti aging treatment that improves the appearance of fine lines and firmness of the skin. Galvanic current is worked with galvanic anti-age hyaluronic acid gel, omega mask loaded with essential fatty acids 3.6 and 9 and probiotic serum to help create the ideal microbioma and thus help slow the aging process.

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The Organic Pharmacy

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The Rose Crystal Lymphatic Facial

114,00€ - 80 min / 84,00€ - 50min

50 min - 80 min(110,00€) The Rose Crystal Lymphatic Facial is a luxurious treatment that begins with Lavender-infused deep eathing exercises, followed by deep cleansing, exfoliation, steaming and extraction. Four luxurious masks of Rosehip, Seaweed, Honey & Jasmine and Collagen are applied, with intensive hands, arms, feet, face, décolleté and scalp massage* (using our nourishing Hair Serum). This indulgent treatment leaves you in a completely renewed state, ready to face the world. The lymphatic system is awakened using Rose Crystals and Acupressure massage lifts and firms the skin. The result is re-energised, glowing skin. Each treatment is as individual as you are.

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Dellicare Bio

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Face lift

72,00€ - 50min

This high-tech treatment focuses on firming facial muscles, using galvanic current and specific products that stimulates collagen and elastin, fill wrinkles and helps slow the passage of time since its inception. Very effective treatment with visible results and re contour defined from the first session.

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