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Esse Probiotic Skincare

Firma líder en el uso de probioticos en sus formulaciones

Complete anti aging treatment that improves the appearance of fine lines and firmness of the skin. Galvanic current is worked with galvanic anti-age hyaluronic acid gel, omega mask loaded with essential fatty acids 3.6 and 9 and probiotic serum to help create the ideal microbioma and thus help slow the aging process.

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Dellicare Bio

Creados exclusivamente para nuestro centro

Organic Bespoke

72,00€ - 50min

Our personalized treatment is one of the most booked. Ideal for all skin types. It begins with a skin consultation to determine the specific needs and be able to perform the treatment that best suits the needs of your skin (this treatment does not include extractions). Tell us what you like to improve your skin and that is our commitment! Vanessa Delli

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