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programa de puntos dellicare

At Dellicare we reward the loyalty of our customers, for that reason we have created our program, with which each purchase of products or services generates points that you can then redeem in your purchases or when enjoying some of our beauty treatments.

The following information shows how they are obtained and the value:

Value of a point = 0,5 €
Minimum points to redeem = 10 (€ 5.00). Full payment will be required with points when redeeming these.
Points earned Value to redeem

Purchases (for € 10 consumed) = 1 points (€ 0.05)
By Referring to a customer = 12 points (€ 6.00)
Schedule online dating through our system (no bucmi, treatwell or other) = 5 points (€ 2.50)
The payment with points is not cumulative to other offers and discounts, therefore any promotion or punctual discount or package of discounted treatments, can not be paid with points, or failing it can be paid but with full price.

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