Organic Cosmetics

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In our shop area you will find a selection of the best organic-100% natural brands of the world. Skin care products that help enhance and prolong the effects of our professional treatments at home. The skin can absorb more than 60% of the ingredients that we apply on it. Therefor it is extremely important for us to offer our customers a selection of the best organic products with the highest levels of quality, that offer science and technology, free of toxic ingredients, that deliver exceptional results without compromising health. With a commitment for fair trade, the environment and sustainability. “Products that feed the beauty of the skin.”

We have a selection of “Superfoods” with beautifying and anti – aging properties, with which we also elaborate our recipes in the cafe. Our range of superfoods aims to support the beauty from within, help cell regeneration, promote collagen and elastin, providing high levels of antioxidants and slow aging.

Our Main Brands

The Organic Pharmacy
the organic pharmacy

The Organic Pharmacy is a leading innovator in the field of luxury organic beauty treatments. Through experience and use of the latest advances in technology and research we manage natural and organic extracts of higher quality and concentration in our formulas synergistically combine them. The right dose, the right combination and unique textures are specified in effective products with dazzling results.

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Primavera cosmetics
primavera cosmetics

PRIMAVERA provides natural, vegan and organic certified products for skin care and aromatherapy, which connect you with the pure joy of living. More info.


Esse Skincare
esse skincare

Dellicare introduces the South African firm Esse in Madrid. Created by chemist and researcher Trevor Steyn based on the pharmaceutical potential of South African medicinal plants in combination with probiotics, it is considered the most effective firm in skin care with probiotics, because they live better in natural and organic products, than those formulated with synthetic ingredients.

Esse represents the perfect fusion between science, innovation and nature. The formulas are born from the revolutionary “Human Microbiome Project”, are composed of natural assets, organic certificates and Biome +

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Nuestros Superalimentos

Aqui encontraras información sobre los superalimentos que trabajamos y sus propiedades.
  • Spirulina. The consumption of Spirulina is a contribution to the daily diet, for its high content in protein and minerals.
  • Chlorella. The experts believe the tiny alga Chlorella is an essential food for being a natural source of protein, vitamins and minerals, known as the organism with the highest concentration of chlorophyll and contain so-calledchlorella growth factors, phytonutrients that make it unique.
  •  Maqui Berry. Maqui Berry helps cleanse the skin of impurities, speeds up digestion, strengthen your bones and joints and more. It is said that taking a daily dose of maqui berry powder has an incredible effect on health.
  • Hemp Protein. Hemp protein powder, a great builder of muscle. Increasing energy, strength and endurance!
  • Matcha. A cup of this tea is equivalent in terms of nutrients and antioxidants to 10 cups of green tea, according
  • Açai. This small fruit is loaded with a great wealth of nutrients. It contains a large amount of antioxidants, amino acids, essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, protein and fiber.
  •  Chia Seeds. They are an excellent source of fiber and antioxidants, calcium, protein and omega 3 fatty acids (alpha-linolenic acid) ALA from plant sources.
  • Maca. Maca increases strength and endurance sports performance and sense of well being. Widely recognized for improving fertility and libido. Rich in vitamins and minerals.
  • Wheatgrass. Purify, alkaline, detoxify, clean and in combination with other living foods is very beneficial for all blood disorders including anemia.
  • Goji Berries. The wealth of Goji nutrients is what gives, its extraordinary therapeutic properties. However, and to record the statements of the Tibetan doctors have their “scientific support”, we say that there are over 50 published studies about it and come to confirm the health benefits.