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Esse Sensitive Cleanser



This cleanser has been formulated to minimize irritation to sensitive skin, while removing makeup perfectly.


This cleanser has been formulated to minimize irritation to sensitive skin, while removing makeup perfectly.


This cleaner is non-lathering but contains some foaming agents to aid in effective cleaning. These foaming agents are exceptionally mild and are also biodegradable with a half-life of approximately 4.5 hours.


The base of the Sensitive Cleanser is organic Aloe Vera gel. The polysaccharides in this gel soothe and calm the skin.


The focus (as in all products of the Sensitive Line) is to minimize the chance of allergic relationships. The product is 100% natural and the total perfume level is below 0.03%. The preservation system is exceptionally gentle and the number of ingredients in the formula has been kept to a minimum.


Probiotics – The Sensitive Cleanser uses the same Lactobacillus lysed probiotic used in the rest of the range.


Aloe Vera Gel – The bulk of the product is made with Aloe Vera gel. The Polysaccharides in this gel soften and calm the skin.



Marula Oil


Jojoba Oil

Aloe Vera (organic)

Vitamin C

Vitamin E





The Esse Sensitive line is formulated to solve sensitive skin. The goal is to catch a client who goes from having sensitive skin to skin that is no longer reactive within two or three months. This customer should then start using the normal Esse line.

It is imperative that this line is not used with the mixture of other products from other brands. This would compromise the healing process.


This product has been formulated for use on sensitive skin.





100% of the total ingredients are of natural origin

70% of the ingredients are from organic harvest

64% of the total ingredients are certified as Fair Trade

This product is certified organic.


The packaging is glass and is part of our recycling initiative. It is also suitable for local glass recycling.


Esse Skincare

Esse significa “ser” en latín.

Marca establecida inicialmente en el mercado orgánico de Sudáfrica.

En 2009, la compañía comenzó su movimiento hacia el cuidado de la piel con probióticos. Los primeros hallazgos del Proyecto del Microbioma Humano comenzaron a cambiar la visión convencional de la piel y Esse comenzó a ver la piel como un ecosistema de células humanas y microbianas. Comenzó el proceso de incorporar esta nueva visión en la formulación de sus productos.


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