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Esse Sensitive Serum



This serum contains more than a billion live probiotics per milliliter.

We have identified a probiotic from the Lactobacillus species that is essential for healthy skin and incorporated it into this innovative formula for sensitive skin. *


This serum contains more than a billion live probiotics per milliliter.


We have identified a probiotic from the Lactobacillus species that is essential for healthy skin and incorporated it into this innovative formula for sensitive skin. *

This serum contains over a billion live probiotics per milliliter, a similar number to the Probiotic Sarum in the Esse Plus range. The difference is that we have included only one species in this serum, while in the Probiotic Sarum there are three species. The Lactobacillus species that we have chosen has shown specific activity in adjusting the skin’s immune system to ensure that it responds to new stimuli in an appropriate way.

There is no water in the formulation and the probiotic bacteria are encysted, but alive to be able to colonize on the skin. Once active, they provide the skin to rectify imbalances and strengthen the function of the barrier.

Our tests have taught us that probiotic microbes are viable for up to two years from production. We have also shown that there are no pathogenic microbes in the product.

Temperature is an important consideration, both in transport and storage. This product needs to be kept above 4ºC. At lower temperatures there is a risk of the water in the cells freezing. The water expands when it freezes and this breaks the cell membrane of the bacteria and the cell would die. The total count of probiotics would drop dramatically. This product also needs to be kept below 35ºC. With temperatures above this, the enzymes of the probiotics would begin to adulterate and the cells would not be viable.


* The species name has been deliberately withheld to make it more difficult to copy this product to competitors.


15ml / 0.5 fl in tube with ceramic head




The Esse Sensitive line is formulated to solve sensitive skin. The goal is to catch a client who goes from having sensitive skin to skin that is no longer reactive within two or three months. This customer should then start using the normal Esse line.

It is imperative that this line is not used with the mixture of other products from other brands. This would compromise the healing process.

Protection: One of the fundamental functions of the skin’s microbiome is to protect us from pathogenic microbes. If the microbial population is low, there will be space (and food) available for invading microbes. We propose to increase the microbial population to the point that there are no niches available for invaders. This prevents activation of the skin’s immune system and reduces the basic load on the skin.

Hydration: Lactic acid is produced by our body as a way to keep the PH of the skin balanced and also to retain hydration on the surface of the skin. It has recently been discovered that most of the lactic acid in the skin is actually produced by microbes. Lactobacillus species are especially efficient at producing lactic acid, hence their name.

Barrier function: Cell bonding was discovered in 2008, but this form of cell binding is critical for skin health, especially sensitive skin. Cell junctions are modulated by microbes, and barrier function can be radically increased by using probiotic microbes. With the improvement of the barrier function, there is a reduction in reactivity because fewer molecules from the outside reach the inner layers of the skin.

Communication: A large part of the function of the probiotic microbes in this serum is focused on cellular communication with our skin cells. Lactobacillus cells can adhere to the cells of our skin (in places where they can be attached) and cause chemical messages that go from those cells that regulate the immune response of nearby cells. This reduces subclinical inflammation and calms the skin.


1 billion Lactobacillus prognostic microbes per milliliter.

This product does not contain prebiotics …… the food source of probiotic bacteria. The full benefit of this product can be seen when used with products that contain inulin and glucan-oligosaccharides, such as Esse Sensitive Hydro and Nourish Moisturisers.



Sensitive Serum has been found to have applications in skin treatments. There are two that are worth highlighting:


We have had strong results in acne cases when this serum is combined with a probiotic skincare routine containing prebiotics. Minimizes sensitivity, keeps the PH low and does not drag natural oils. Tod


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