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Esse Serum Probiotico


This is the world’s first live probiotic serum and represents the pinnacle of our BIOME + technology. As the serum touches your face, one billion live probiotics per milliliter are activated by the moisture in your skin, complementing its natural microbial diversity and helping to create the ideal microbiome to slow the aging process.


We have identified a range of probiotic species that are essential for skin health and incorporated them into this totally groundbreaking formula.

There is no water in the formulation and the probiotic bacteria are encapsulated, but alive and capable of colonizing on the skin. They are activated on contact with water on the skin or (preferably) by adding a moisturizer. Once active, they prepare the skin to rectify imbalances and strengthen the function of the barrier for firmer, fuller and more resistant skin.


This Serum is suitable for all skin types and although it has an enormous and evolved action in creating biological balance, it is exceptionally effective for skin with any type of stress.

The activation of probiotics will improve with the addition of an Esse Serum, but will be optimal if the application is followed by an Esse moisturizer.

The Probiotic Serum should be used twice a day for stressed skin. It can be used on top of Ageless Serum or Intensity Serum, or by itself, under a moisturizer.

This serum spreads well.

There is a possibility that the client will feel a slight tingling immediately after application. This is normal. Sensitivity tests have shown this product to be 24% less irritating than distilled water.

It is imperative that the Esse Plus Line is not used in conjunction with products from other ranges. This line is designed to restore the skin’s microbiome over time. The same would be compromised if the ecosystem is polluted or if the PH changes.

Independent tests have shown that this product increases skin firmness by 16% in 28 days, showing positive results in 100% of test subjects.
You will see better long-term results if you work with nature.


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