Refund / Cancellation Policy


  • Individual appointments or classes

If you cannot attend the appointment, we accept cancellations or changes, with a minimum of 6 hours ahead of time, it may be possible to do the session at a later date or with a different therapist. However, this cannot be guaranteed.

    • All changes or cancellations not reported with 6 hours of notification are lost.
    • If you have not yet paid the session, your account will be charged with a minimum of 50% of the session price, reaching 100%.
    • If there is no card / account information, the charge will be made on your next visit. In addition, reserved slots may be lost if payment is not made in a timely manner


  • Prepaid collective classes or workshops are refundable
    • If you are unable to attend a class or workshop due to circumstances beyond your control (a case-by-case basis from our administration), we can offer you a refund if you notify us 24 hours before the start date of the session. However, we charge a cancellation fee of 3%. This cancellation fee can be avoided if you opt for a service credit instead of a refund. NOTES: The cancellation fee of 3% covers bank charges that may cause such refund.
    • If we are notified once the session or workshop is started, we can only give you a credit for another program. This credit is non-transferable. There would be no refund in cash.
    • There is no refund for simply changing your mind! Since the classes or workshops have a number of participants established before the beginning, that in case of late cancellation could not be covered.
    • This is non-negotiable.




  • Cosmetic products, food, supplements or any other product sold by Dellicare
    • Can be returned within 10 days after purchase for exchange or full refund of the amount.
    • Returns or exchanges are valid only for products that have not been opened, used or damaged. They must keep their original packaging and have not been opened or used.
    • Products that are defective, damaged or when opened are not in the conditions specified in the package, can be returned immediately for exchange. Some products may need to be sent directly to the manufacturer. This will be indicated to the customer at the time of the return or in the package of the product or in the instructions of the same. If you are not sure if this is the case, please contact us using the information at the bottom of this page
    • Customers are responsible for all shipping costs on exchanges or refunds, except in cases of factory defects or product conditions.
    • Refunds are only available when an equivalent replacement is not available and the customer does not wish to exchange for another product.