Specific skin conditions can be very annoying, they can be treated externally, but they are also often caused by reactions that occur internally in our body. The skin is the largest organ of the body, it can reflect what is happening with our internal health, hormonal fluctuations, an unhealthy lifestyle, stress, the use of inappropriate products in the day to day, for the care of skin and our home.

Although there are measures that can be taken to help clients reduce the appearance of these unattractive conditions, treatments are not always superficial and need to be accompanied by changes in habits, supplementation and in some more serious cases medication.

At Dellicare we are specialists in special skin conditions, we know what these conditions are and how they behave at the skin level, to always try to give them the best solution, counting on the best high-end natural and organic cosmetic products. We refer to high-end for its investment in technology and science, encapsulating the largest amount of active principles, with products according to each condition, achieving an improvement in terms of appearance and working with the client together.

The most common conditions observed by specialists are the ones listed below:


Sensitive Skin




Skin Ageing